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  1830 - 1839

 1830s Manufactured gas selling at about $8.00/Mcf. Beginning of nuisance and damage legal suits over management of gas plant wastes.
 1830 British patent to Michael Donovan for method of enriching candle power of gas. Britain reports 200 town gas plants. James Sharp demonstrates gas cooking of food, England. Gas lighting available at Manhattan, NY City, NY.
 1831 George Lowe (UK) invents the through-retort, a coal-gas retort with charging door and discharge door; 20 ft total length and sharing heat at the former dead-end space; charge raised to 600 lbs. and heating fuel lowered to 400 lbs. British Lighting and Washing Act, forbade discharge of gas works liquors to streams.
 1832 Gas street lighting debuts at Philadelphia, PA. Belgian Jobard suggests water (blue) gas and Frenchman Sellique develops it for Paris Gas Co. George Lowe, South Metropolitan Gas Company, London, tries blue gas, but was rejected. Alexandre Happey receives UK patent for coal tarring of macadam roads; First applied at Cheltenham, UK. Gas lighting company established at New Orleans, LA. French begin to distill coal and oil shale to manufacture kerosene for lamps.
 1833 Samuel V. Merick, a founder of Philadelphia Acad. Sciences, sent by City to London to observe gas-making technologies; Promoted strongly by owners of regional anthracite mines. Hutchinsonpatents the telescopic gas holder (England). Barnes patents his interior-space gas heater (UK).
 1834 First use of gas meters for residential customers Faber du Faur first uses blast-furnace gas for heating blast furnaces at a German iron works.
 1835 First retort coke oven with gas recovery; Installed by Wm. Firestone at Mary Ann Furnace, PA American House becomes first Boston, MA, hotel with gas lights; as homes of nearby wealthy.
 1836 Philadelphia constructs first City-owned gas works in America; Remains a scandal for decades.
 1837 Second economic depression in America. First gas company chartered at St. Louis, Missouri; Operated as bank for 10 years before making gas.
 1838 John Bethell (UK) patents use of coal-tar creosote on railway sleepers on Stockton-Darlington RR, opened in 1825; Also applies as preservative to mine timbers.
 1839 Pelouze Brothers, Edmond, and M., invent their famous P&A gas equipment and publish their manual on gas manufacturing (Die Beeuchtung mit Gas aus Stein- und Brunkolen, Torf, Oel, Fett Mineralichten und Gegetabilifchen). Bischof invents the first gas producer, Germany.
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